Brother's New York Style Pizza
The Story of Brother's

It all started with my Papa...

When he was a kid, back in the Old Country, he would watch his Mama maka the pizza in their tiny but warm kitchen.

Mama was very curious why her son was studying her preparing the pizza and home made pastas. So she asked, "Jimmy, why you not playing outside witha your friends?" Jimmy smiled and said, "Mama, one day I'm'a gonna be a pizza man and maka the pizza as good as you."

His dream came true! Jimmy moved to New York in 1967 and opened his pizza store in Queens. But that's just the beginning of the story...

BYOBWe moved to Dallas in 1982 and opened a Brother's Pizza in Lake Highlands (still operating), and now we've chosen McKinney as our next opportunity to serve delicious pizza and home made Italian food like Mama would make.

Thank you for letting us prepare and serve you some of the best food in town!